• Woodson County District Court
    Woodson County District Court

District Judge

Hon. David W. Rogers

Magistrate Judge

Hon. Thomas P. Mikulka

Clerk Of The Court

Lisa Page

Court Reporter

Katherine Morris
Phone: 620-378-4361

Court Services Officers

Gaston Millar (Wilson County)
Phone: 620-378-4435

Woodson County Attorney

Zelda Schlotterbeck
Phone: 620-625-8615
Fax: 620-625-8603

Woodson County Sheriff

Jeff McCullough
Phone: 620-625-8640
Fax: 620-625-8672

Yates Center Municipal Court

117 E Rutledge
Yates Center, KS 66783
Phone: 620-625-2118


Woodson County Official Website
City of Yates Center Website

Every effort has been made to update the court calendar on a weekly basis. If you have any questions about a hearing, please verify it with the court.

Woodson County District Court Contact Information


105 W. Rutledge
Yates Center, KS 66783


(620) 625-8610


(620) 625-8674